DATE:08 Nov, 2015


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El Clasico is the term given to a football game between Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona. It is not just any game between teams in “La Liga”, it is a fierce rivalry which has people all over the world holding their breaths from very first to the very last minute of this game. It is the biggest club game in the world, watched by millions of viewers around the world. For almost a hundred years of history, this derby has had and continues to have political, social and economic influence on the Spanish nation and in the last 10 years or so this fervour has spread to all over the planet. The rivalry is regarded to be one of the biggest, not only in football, but in the world of sport as a whole. The two clubs are among the richest and most successful football clubs in the world, they are also ranked the world\\\'s two most valuable sports teams. Real Madrid leads the head to head results in competitive matches with 92 wins to Barcelona\\\'s 88 and every year, two to four games are added to this count (across all tournaments). Each year, regardless of the competition or tournament being played, this rivalry always causes generates crazy demand. The best seats in the house are always hard to get, don’t miss your chance to experience it yourself and get onboard with Exclusive Stream. Let us show you why we consider ourselves to be the experts of this fixture!